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Both the global and the regional demands for marine, logistics and transportation services continue to grow. With Melcon Marine in place, a dependable presence to address maritime requisites is here. More than that, an avenue for people to make a difference in the industry has been established.

Skills and expertise play an essential part in the sea-faring business, but the decisive factor that sustains it all depends largely on consistent and effective interaction. Spearheaded by an efficient group of individuals, the MMCI organization puts value on people.

Melcon Marine depicts a collaboration with its employees based on trust, support and encouragement. This approach allows us to promote positive and productive relations that extend to every client in the industry.

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Are you a Vessel Owner, Ship Manager, or Ship Captain? If you are looking for high-quality marine and shipping services, such as agency services, husbanding, offshore support, and the like, think of Melcon Marine Contractors Inc.

The emergence of Melcon Marine Contractors, Inc. (MMCI) is attributed to its commitment as one of the Philippines' leading service providers in the shipping industry. While quality is among its utmost priority, the firm also puts prime significance on customer partnerships.

This is how we stand out. This is the Melcon Marine group. Welcome to our world!


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Our experiences in serving our clients in various industries, markets and geographies allows us to understand them better and tailor our services accordingly to meet their demands and needs.



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