About Melcon Marine

About Melcon Marine

Are you a Vessel Owner, Ship Manager, or Ship Captain? If you are looking for high-quality marine and shipping services, such as agency services, husbanding, offshore support, and the like, think of Melcon Marine Contractors Inc.

The emergence of Melcon Marine Contractors, Inc. (MMCI) is attributed to its commitment as one of the Philippines’ leading service providers in the shipping industry. While quality is among its utmost priority, the firm also puts prime significance on customer partnerships.

On the eleventh day of the eleventh month back in 2014, the company began its surge towards prominence. A subcontracting partnership with Chevron Philippines, Inc. provided Melcon Marine with the opportunity to prove its worth as it handled the former Mooring and Line Handling needs.

Within a few years, MMCI strengthened its foothold on the maritime trade with a list of satisfied clients which propelled the firm’s status to greater heights. As more terminals and shipping organizations patronize the firm’s attributes, Melcon Marine continues to sustain its servicing prowess.

Making considerable strides across Davao and Cebu, MMCI looks forward to widening its mark beyond the region. With a growing number of customers, the firm affirms its commitment to make excellence a guarantee. 

It’s all about people

Our business is about our employees and customers and long-term relationships with them. It is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. We are committed to you, we value you, and we treasure you… whether you’re our client, our potential client, our industry partner, our supplier or one of our trusted employees.

Throughout the company, management and employees work hand in hand to deliver excellence in everything we do. We are driven by a fierce desire and a matter of pride for us to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients for us to deliver highest quality services in maritime, shipping, and logistics services anytime and anywhere. 

This is how we stand out. This is the Melcon Marine group. Welcome to our world!


Melcon Marine Contractors, Inc is a privately-owned company and highly focused on the delivery of high-quality marine, shipping, and logistics services to customers worldwide. We make an emphasis on a long-term and sustainable approach, innovations, and a strong desire to achieve customer satisfaction. Melcon Marine delivers a flexible and value-added portfolio of services to help you achieve your strategic goals. 

Our customers are front and center to everything we do. Due to ever-changing and ever-increasing demand for solutions to complex shipping, maritime, and logistics problems, these things drive us to innovate, refining, and integrating our services to meet your needs.

Our expertise in the maritime sector, global reach, strong financial standing, and innovative-thinking allows us to work hand-in-hand with our customers worldwide, responding to your needs and the changing demands of the ever-changing global markets. We offer a professional and customized package of services to help your business grow and move ahead of the competition. Our identified solutions will enable you to experience operational efficiency, to realize control costs and increase service revenues – driving towards long-term growth. 

Melcon Marine invests in lasting partnerships with our regular customers and potential clients. We have the expertise needed to get the job done – and done well. We are at the forefront to assist companies in their shipping, maritime, and logistics needs further, even in these challenging and competitive times. We are committed to providing the best in what we do, and we take this seriously.


The company supports various initiatives relating to the following:

  • Promotion of Safety of Life and Property at Sea
  • Protection of the Marine Environment and its Resources.
  • Conduct of Maritime Search and Rescue
  • Maintenance of Aids to Navigation & Recreational Safety
  • Enhancement of Maritime Community Relations through Civic Action and Youth Development.

Melcon Marine wants to succeed in business, but we are also committed to doing good wherever we can to make our communities better, safer, cleaner and greener. That philosophy is at the heart of our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), reflected in the spirit of the company, ethics, compliance, Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection policies.

Our people take pleasure in raising awareness and funds for worthy causes. This includes funding local projects, coastal clean-ups, medical outreach programs to coastal communities, mangrove tree planting, blood donations, and raising money for maritime charities and organizations.


Partnerships with customers and others in the Shipping Industry is one of our core priorities, and more than five (5) years now, they remain at the heart of Melcon Marine’s business philosophy. 

Long-term relationships apply as much to partners we work with and to the customers we serve.

In so many years, we have built a strong network of partners. It symbolizes the power of strategic alliances with specialist service providers and industry local players to serve the international community of Shipping, Logistics and Maritime professionals and companies. We collaborate with global companies and experts who can benefit from the greater exposure and access to the local markets that come with partnerships with our company. 

This business model of relationship and partnership has already proven to be a winning formula for years now and more. If you think you have what it takes to forge a partnership with our company, contact us at info@melconmarine.com for more information.